Our Services

Sigma Technology is supporting some of the world’s leading companies in their R&D activities within Product Information, Embedded & Software Design and Offshore development in the past 20 years.

Product Information

Our goal is to ensure that your end users have the best possible experience, by making sure that they understand your products. We have the processes, tools, and expertise to create world-class product information.

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Information Management

We know, understand, and use many information management systems, but also create our own, and can offer offshore information management solutions.

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Software & Embedded Design

Your partner in software development. We develop, implement and maintain applications and embedded products throughout the complete cycle.

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Nearshore software development in Ukraine with Swedish partner – it couldn’t be easier.

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Global yet local

Sigma Technology combines strong local presence with a global reach – “Local Drive. Global Strength”. Local presence at the clients’ main R&D hubs combined with our global operations makes us a unique supplier within our area. By utilizing our global strength, sharing values and objectives, and by being organized in niche companies, we become more flexible, scalable, lean and more agile than our competitors. The aim is to always outperform our competitors with Superior Supplier Value.



Our overall operational strategy is to build trust that makes us reliable and attractive as a company. The goal is to get sustainable growth with satisfied customers and employees. Trust is built on performance.


  • Operational excellence
  • Leadership in services
  • Delivery excellence
  • Commercial excellence
  • Capacity to meet global or local expectations
  • Technology capability
  • Agile & lean operations that are flexible and scalable
  • Innovation
  • Structure capital (ISO, IS/IT, etc.)
  • Stable financials


  • Employer branding
  • Challenging work
  • Caring leaders
  • Trust and respect
  • Training & workshops
  • Development “Trainee to coach”
  • Conferences and summits
  • Health policy
  • Team building
  • Corporate spirit
  • School mentorship (student ambassadors, sponsorship, courses)
  • CSR

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