Thomas Straumits Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary works for strong partnerships — Interview with Thomas Straumits

​The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (SCCH) aims to expand economic and commercial relations between Sweden and Hungary. Today, there are over 130 Swedish companies employing Hungarian talent and investing in the country. Thomas Straumits is a newly elected President of the Chamber, and he is optimistic about developing cooperation between these two European countries.

Programming summer reading

Programming Summer Reading & Learning tips

The summer period is upon us, a time to recharge and get new energy for the rest of the year. Roger Wernersson, our Software Solution Consultant, is a frequent speaker and promoter of extreme programming and Agile Software Development. He has gathered his best programming summer reading & learning tips. “It happens that I’m asked to […]

DIA Predictive Maintenance Sigma Technology

Growing Need for Research and Innovation in the Post COVID-19 World

Sigma Technology Solutions in Växjö is one of the companies that will conduct a joint Ph.D. program in Computer Science with a focus on predictive maintenance systems together with Linnaeus University.

Robert Varga Ericsson Hungary

Nearshore Cooperation Provides Continuous Value – Róbert Varga, Ericsson Hungary

The nearshore setup allows for higher flexibility and builds trust between partners. Sigma Technology Hungary has been cooperating with Ericsson Hungary for many years, and today provides both onsite and nearshore delivery. We have had the opportunity to speak with Róbert Varga, Head of Product Development at Ericsson Hungary, who works with the Sigma Technology Hungary nearshore team.

Hack the Crisis

Hack the Crisis Sweden gathers over 7,000 participants

​48 hours, 7,439 participants, and 500+ submissions – this is Hack the Crisis Sweden in short. Last weekend, Hack for Sweden and Openhack, powered by the support from the Swedish Government and DIGG conducted the 48-hour online hackathon. One of Sigma Technology hack teams with the solution Immune Volunteer Portal has placed #2 in the category Save Communities (Concept Solution).

Hasse Changes Theater to Technical Information

Interview: Hasse Changed Theater Scripts to Technical Information

Hasse Carlsson. Photo credit: Anna-Karin Hulth Hasse Carlsson has worked as a dramaturge for over 30 years, mainly at Folkteatern in Gothenburg. He has a feel for language and likes to play with words. For a long time, he wanted to combine his passion for language with his interest in technology. The role of an […]