Sigma Technology achieves the AWS Consulting Partner status

Cloud technologies are the drivers of today’s innovation agenda. The most prominent enterprise-level representatives across all industries have reported that 83% of their workloads have resided in the cloud by 2020. So cloud computing is not a trend anymore, but a necessity. We at Sigma Technology strive for helping our customers skyrocket their outcomes, providing sophisticated, highly scalable, and robust cloud solutions.   […]

Celebrating 15 years of cooperation with International Game Technology PLC

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford   This year we celebrate 15 years of unbelievably fruitful cooperation with International Game Technology (IGT). To describe our journey in figures, it will be 800000 hours of managed services, over 100 developed games, 60 consultants, 23 projects, 4 countries, […]

Making Products Speak Visual Language with Graphic Design and 3D Animations

Tamas Kovacs, a graphic designer at Sigma Technology Hungary, believes that the most important and challenging part of his job is to coin ideas that meet the client’s needs. Based in Budapest, Hungary, Tamas is fascinated by photography and takes part in projects from various domains, from Advertising to Automotive.  Tamás, what does a graphic […]

Kristina Olsson Terminology Management

Enhancing Product Experience with Consistent Terminology Management

Meet Kristina Olsson, one of our technical editors and project managers in Lund, Sweden. Kristina has a background in the mobile phone industry. She started to work as a technical communicator and editor 20 years ago. Over time, she has developed solid competence in localization and terminology. Kristina has established the terminology management process and the terminology database in 39 languages for one of our MedTech clients. We asked Kristina a few questions about the importance of terminology management.

Helena Örnehed

Embracing Technical Writing for MedTech

Meet Helena Örnehed, one of our technical writers in Lund, Sweden. Helena changed the career of a software tester to becoming a technical writer over a year ago. Today, she works on the assignment for an international MedTech company, which requires precision, flexibility, and proactivity. Helena shares with us her tips on what is essential to succeed with MedTech technical documentation.

How Can Information Analysis Change Users’ Product Experience?

What is the work of information engineers and technical writers all about and how it can change the product experience for its users? To find out, we talked to Ulla Einarsson, a highly experienced information expert, and to Hasse Carlsson, an information engineer and technical writer at Sigma Technology, who switched to this area a couple of years ago after a 26+ year career of a theater dramaturg.