Sigma Technology Group acquires ETECTURE GmbH to strengthen digital transformation offer in the German market

Sigma Technology Group continues expanding within its growth strategy and has recently announced the acquisition of ETECTURE GmbH, a German company recognized as a digital transformation expert in the local market. The key goal of this acquisition is to amplify Sigma Technology’s expertise in digitalization and electrification areas.

Sigma Technology Becomes Husqvarna’s Development Partner Within The Electrification Area

Sigma Technology will be responsible for the development of the hardware and software for Husqvarna, a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products. Within the electrification strategy, Sigma Technology will create solutions to support a power converter that will support Husqvarna’s handheld products.

deWiz Chooses Sigma as a Technological Partner to Revolutionize The Golf Training Aid Market

deWiz names Sigma as a technology partner to lead the current development of its new golf product from both a hardware and software perspective. Sigma’s main goal is to bolster the product for its launch this summer, during the heart of the golf season.


Festina Group is a global company producing high-quality watches for almost 40 years. We got the chance to talk to Mattias Wideheim, CEO at Festina Sweden, and ask him how the watch industry is transforming under digitalization and connectivity trends. Sigma Technology supports Festina Sweden with onsite consultants for mobile and back-end development.

Meet Sigma Technology Origo, a New Company to Revolutionize the Content Management Market

Sigma Technology Group starts a new company, Sigma Technology Origo, named after a recently launched platform within advanced information management solutions. The company will amplify the focus on digitalization and agility of the platform to meet customer needs within the corresponding area and deliver all-compatible and easy-to-implement tech solutions.

Digital Transformation with Sigma Technology

What drives digital transformation? How to roadmap and perform the changes? What domains must be assembled to enable the transformation and challenge the status quo? To answer these and other constantly arising questions, we talked to Nermin Biscevic, VP of Sigma Technology Transformation.