Information Architect Victor Liu Qin Liu Sigma Technology

Good information architecture helps customers use products efficiently

Victor Liu and Qin Liu are both technical writers and information architects at Sigma Technology China in Beijing. The new role of the information architect helps them optimize and improve product information on their customers’ projects. We have asked Victor and Qin a few questions about what they do on their projects and why they […]

Gert Morau – 50 Years of Programming

Gert Morau. Photo: Carl Björklund Today Gert Morau works as a system developer at Sigma Technology Solutions in Växjö. This year he has worked within the world of technology for 50 years. We had the privilege of interviewing him and finding out more about technological development during these years and how Gert views today’s consulting […]

Evelyn Susanto PhD Life Sciences

From Ph.D. in Life Sciences to Technical Documentation in MedTech – Evelyn Susanto

When it comes to the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector, accuracy in every aspect, every detail of the product is paramount. Concise, accurate, and high-quality product information makes products easy to use and install, which is especially vital in the industry where each decision might save lives. Evelyn Susanto works as an information engineer for […]

Kristina Olsson Terminology Management

Enhancing Product Experience with Consistent Terminology Management

Meet Kristina Olsson, one of our technical editors and project managers in Lund, Sweden. Kristina has a background in the mobile phone industry. She started to work as a technical communicator and editor 20 years ago. Over time, she has developed solid competence in localization and terminology. Kristina has established the terminology management process and […]

Helena Örnehed

Embracing Technical Writing for MedTech

Meet Helena Örnehed, one of our technical writers in Lund, Sweden. Helena changed the career of a software tester to becoming a technical writer over a year ago. Today, she works on the assignment for an international MedTech company, which requires precision, flexibility, and proactivity. Helena shares with us her tips on what is essential […]

Carl Granehult Warehouse Automation

Helping Logistics Actors Succeed with Warehouse Automation – Interview with Carl Granehult

Carl Granehult. Photo credit: Martin Toresson  Carl Granehult has unique experience in warehouse automation solutions and connected systems and represents Sigma Technology’s competence in the logistics sector. We asked Carl a few questions about his journey. Carl, how did your career in logistics start and develop over these years? My first job was a part-time […]