Ellen Blomqvist Mikael Kjellsson

Exciting Assignments: Interview with Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson

Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson both agree on one thing – life as a consultant is full of variety and challenges. At Sigma they get to work with the latest innovative IT and tech projects. Information engineer Ellen Blomqvist joined Sigma Technology just over a year ago. Software developer Mikael Kjellsson has been with Sigma […]

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Balázs Máté Journey from Budapest to Stockholm

Journey from Budapest to Stockholm. Interview with Balázs Máté

Photo credit: Hugo Thambert Balázs Máté started at Sigma Technology (the company named Kudos that was acquired by Sigma in 2006) back in 2005. He has been working as a technical writer in the Budapest office for over six years. Then he decided to move to Sweden and start his new life in Scandinavia together […]

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Sophie Jacobsson Information Engineer

Meet Sophie Jacobsson

Sophie is a passionate information engineer and dancer. She combines her passions and creates a better tomorrow for our customers. You might have seen the photo of Sophie on the new Sigma website. Here we share her story. – Sophie, tell us what you do. What are your daily tasks and challenges? I have had […]

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David Tysell and Sofia Jansson

Sigma is a large corporation that acts like a small company: David Tysell and Sofia Jansson

At Sigma Technology in Gothenburg, there is a group of experts passionate about technology and information. Sofia and David are two of them. Sigma Technology is a global supplier of product information, software & embedded design as well as offshore development. This combination of IT and communication fits Sofia Jansson and David Tysell perfectly. They […]

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Susan Johansson from technical writer to unit manager in China

Interview, Susan Johansson: from technical writer to manager in China

Susan Johansson at her first day at work as Unit Manager in Shanghai. Susan Johansson has worked in Denmark, China, Sweden and is now back to China again. Her path at Sigma Technology started from Technical Writer to Project Manager and, from the 1st of September, Unit Manager for our Shanghai office. We got a […]

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Cris Amodia

Interview with Cris Amodia, Electronics Engineer

Cris Amodia came to Sweden from the Philippines just a few days ago. During his career path, he has been working a lot in the automotive industry and now he aspires to use his knowledge in achieving new success stories, now as Sigma Technology consultant in Sweden. Hi, Cris, and welcome to the team! Could […]

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