Helena Örnehed

Embracing Technical Writing for MedTech

Meet Helena Örnehed, one of our technical writers in Lund, Sweden. Helena changed the career of a software tester to becoming a technical writer over a year ago. Today, she works on the assignment for an international MedTech company, which requires precision, flexibility, and proactivity. Helena shares with us her tips on what is essential […]

Carl Granehult Warehouse Automation

Helping Logistics Actors Succeed with Warehouse Automation – Interview with Carl Granehult

Carl Granehult. Photo credit: Martin Toresson  Carl Granehult has unique experience in warehouse automation solutions and connected systems and represents Sigma Technology’s competence in the logistics sector. We asked Carl a few questions about his journey. Carl, how did your career in logistics start and develop over these years? My first job was a part-time […]

Roger Wernersson Interview

Roger Wernersson: The Journey from Computer Games to Extreme Programming

Roger Wernersson’s passion for programming started over 30 years ago. Over the years, he has worked in many industries, helped many people to begin their programming journeys, and has supported Agile and extreme programming movements. Recently, he has joined the Sigma Technology team in Karlskrona as a Software Solution Consultant. We had a chance to […]

Mårten Wikström

Mårten Wikström Finds Creativity in Programming

Mårten Wikström discovered his passion for programming when he was a small kid. He joined the Sigma Technology Solutions team in Karlskrona back in 2007. Today, Mårten works on developing our own product, Docfactory. Mårten has quite a booked schedule, so we got a chance to interview Mårten just a few hours before the Christmas […]

Interview with Ping Fang: I Have Found Myself with Technical Writing

Today we had a chance to talk to Ping Fang, one of our technical writers and team leaders in the Shanghai office. Ping has recently celebrated her tenth anniversary working at Sigma Technology China. She is the first one to celebrate this jubilee since our operations in China started back in 2006. Congratulations to the […]

Ellen Blomqvist Mikael Kjellsson

Exciting Assignments: Interview with Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson

Ellen Blomqvist and Mikael Kjellsson both agree on one thing – life as a consultant is full of variety and challenges. At Sigma they get to work with the latest innovative IT and tech projects. Information engineer Ellen Blomqvist joined Sigma Technology just over a year ago. Software developer Mikael Kjellsson has been with Sigma […]