Meet Sigma Technology Origo, a New Company to Revolutionize the Content Management Market

Sigma Technology Group starts a new company, Sigma Technology Origo, named after a recently launched platform within advanced information management solutions. The company will amplify the focus on digitalization and agility of the platform to meet customer needs within the corresponding area and deliver all-compatible and easy-to-implement tech solutions.

Storsatsning inom digitalisering – Sigma Technology startar 5 nya bolag

Sigma Technology Group har vuxit kraftigt inom digitalisering och möter stadigt ökad efterfrågan. Tillväxtresan fortsätter, därför kommer företaget under hösten 2020 och vinter 2021 att starta fem nya bolag för att stärka sin position på marknaden och säkerställa fortsatt tillväxt.

György Nagy Bisnode

Sigma Technology wins Bisnode Platinum Rating

​Sigma Technology Hungary has recently received the Bisnode Platinum Excellence certificate. It takes at least seven years of dedication and quality-driven operation for a company to be awarded, so it is no surprise that fewer than 0.5% of Hungarian companies are worthy of such prestigious recognition.

Data Protection Regulation

Sigma Helps Companies Prepare for New Personal Data Protection Regulation

After a two-year transition period, the new regulation to govern data protection comes into effect. It will harden and unify data protection for natural persons at the territory of the European Union and will also apply to organizations based outside the EU in case they deal with personal data of EU residents. The sanctions for […]