Sigma Technology has secured a three year agreement with a world-leading developer in the telecommunications business in Karlskrona. The agreement is estimated to be worth approximately 45MSEK.

Sigma Technology will use its position as one of the world’s leading information logistics companies to deliver customer product information efficiently and with quality. The product documentation that is covered by the agreement will mostly be produced locally in Karlskrona, but will also be synchronized with elements delivered from China and Hungary.

On thursday April 16:th Sigma Technology invited students to learn more about the company. The presentation covered topics like the consultant role, the day of an Embedded Design engineer and what you can expect as an Information Management consultant.

About 50 students, many of them exchange students, had accepted the invitation to an evening with Sigma Technology. It started together with our sister company Sigma Solutions, where the company, its management and the consultant role were presented.

The seminar on Technical Information 2.0 that was held in three cities during the spring of 2010 was very popular. Many customers and partners attended and joined in the discussion. Since we know that some of those who were invited could not make it, and that some of those who did attend may want to relive the seminar, we now offer the entire seminar viewable whenever you have the time! Streaming videos are made available from our homepage.

Sigma has signed a general agreement with BAE Systems C-ITS AB. The primary purpose of the general agreement is to facilitate cooperation, but shall also ensure resources for development work for BAE Systems C-ITS over the long-term.

Sigma Technology has won an agreement for technical documentation with Metso. The agreement is a comprehensive undertaking with Sigma Technology taking responsibility for all of Metso Fiber’s customer documentation for a period of three years.

For Sigma Technology, it is very important to cooperate with university students. In their professional life, they may become employees or customers. Because of this, Sigma Technology has established a Student Ambassador role, with the mission to act as a liaison between the company and the students. Meet Pernilla Nordberg, currently a student of electrical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and the Sigma Technology student ambassador.

Pernilla, tell us what you will be doing in your role!

How do you measure and test quality in technical information? Researchers A. Wingkvist, M. Ericsson, R. Lincke, and W. Löwe at the Linnaeus University present their answers in a number of research papers, recommended reading for anyone interested in the subject of technical documentation. Sigma Technology cooperaties with the Linnaeus University for this research.


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