Are you the one?

Are you the one
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Are you the one?

 For me, it’s honesty and passion.

The thing that I listen to when I choose, is my heart, it’s never wrong. If I stay true to that, it will be forever, that I know! I care about the future, I care about the legacy we leave our children. I want the world to be better, safer and so much cooler than I could ever imagine or experience. And I will expect, and work, for a better tomorrow.

For me, it took two pretty long conversations about everything and absolutely nothing before I fell. But when I fell, I fell hard and I’m still so much in love. I was looking for a place where I could grow and prosper. But, most importantly, I was looking for a place where I felt I was surrounded by friends and family. I wanted to get inspiration from people with different backgrounds and culture. I wanted a place where we do things together. I wanted to feel safe in a stable environment, but still, I wanted to be able to be creative within my role and be a part of an organization that was innovative and entrepreneurial.

And I got it. I got a place in the Sigma family, and I’m happy!

My Passion is people, or, to be more precise, the conversations, the meetings. For me, the thing I get is the inspiration, I get inspired and that will definitely lead to my and others’ growth.  In my work, I try to find people, great talent, who, like me, have a passion, who want to work in an environment where the managers are transparent and the focus is on you as an individual. I want to attract persons that share the same values. I want to find people who are looking for something more than just another position. Together we will create the future, and we will do it as a family. We will have each other’s backs, we will respect each other and encourage each other to achieve greatness.

Are you curious? Send me a letter, and let’s see what happens.

If you have experience in software development, Digital Services or project management, I would love to come in contact with you.

Best Regards

Jessica Mitrosbaras, Sigma Technology

+46 706 039 660


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