As an older member of the millennial generation, I am glued to my smart phone. Working with Sigma Technology hasn’t changed this one bit. I send work emails while waiting in line. I send instant messages to my colleagues and clients. I join web meetings while stuck in traffic.

My smart phone provides security for my online accounts, and tells me where to go when I am lost at night. As an employee of Sigma Technology, I am a part of making these kinds of technologies available to everyone. Sigma enables technology and innovation, and I do too.

I love technology, and I always strive to be on the forefront of it. Sigma encourages
me to adopt the latest technology and learn it, this makes me a better writer, and a better teacher.

As a young boy, I built computers out of boxes of spare parts. Nowadays, I research the latest technologies, write about them, and incorporate them into my own life.

Someday, the largest repositories of information in the world will be at the fingertips of even the least affluent world citizen. Working with Sigma Technology, and its partners, allows me to be a part of that.