My story with technology began as a teenager, when I was doing warehouse work for a video game company.

I started off working in their warehouse, loading and unloading trucks full of video games and peripherals. Being a video game fanatic at the time, I wanted to work with what was INSIDE of those boxes. After a really good recommendation from my supervisor, I was able to transfer from the warehouse facility in Hayward, CA to the development headquarters across the bay in Redwood City, CA.

At that point, I was working during the day as over-the-phone technical support. Basically, I would tell customers how to set-up their systems over the phone and help with troubleshooting.

After a few weeks, however, I heard the development unit was looking for game testers. So one day, after I ended my normal tech support shift, I went to the developer building, signed my name on the tester sheet and I was in!

I went on to do both jobs, working until midnight sometimes, until the dreaded layoffs hit. However, I was able to get such great hands-on knowledge of technology, documenting bugs, and working with programmers. (And playing LOTS of video games!) The experience started me on the path that has led me here, happily a part of Sigma Technology.