I’ve been a technical writer since Moby-Dick was a minnow. A 10-hour plane ride from Frankfurt to San Francisco convinced me to abandon all other professional pursuits.

I said no to becoming a Las Vegas show girl (that story costs you a beer). And a no to embracing a fulfilled (yet impoverished) life as a poetess. What changed my life? It was the contrast between a rigid 1990s Germany with a Silicon Valley full of new products and services.

I was absolutely infected by curiosity and delight. And I still am! I can use Google glasses for WHAT? I can car-share with ZipCar in San Francisco! I can charge my Galaxy on a Starbuck’s tabletop! Who do I thank for making my life better? I tip my hat to the hip and talented engineers, developers, and investors. They created a technology rush to replace the gold rush. Booh-yeah!

Just consider the Cisco Systems service mark that is on every document they produce: “Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and Learn.” It’s all about transformation driven by technology. It’s exciting, and we are part of that excitement!

Sigma Technology is right there in the game with us! They are just as jazzed as I am about the technology that is transforming our lives, and are smartly working to build the customer relationships that will offer us opportunities to participate in the development of products and services we haven’t yet dreamed of.

Sigma Technology is committed to providing excellent services to businesses in Silicon Valley, and I’m happy to partner that goal with them.