To me Technology is the Future.

Technology is to be efficient. Technology is about those boring things that I don’t have to do anymore.
I can spend my time on better things, such as family, having a cup of tea, exercising, which in my case is often Brazilian jiu-jitsu or even reading. Technology thus brings value to my life.

olle-trainWe don’t live in a sustainable world yet. We have challenges in a lot of areas: energy, agriculture, transport and democracy as examples.

In order to survive both in business and as species we need to create better technology for a better world and future. Technology is one of the answers.

At Sigma I help to develop better Technology each day, which is in itself fantastic. My co-workers are among the factors which make me happy to work for Sigma. We look out for each other and enjoy each others’ company. Sometimes it’s stressful, but we handle it pretty well. Together we even appear to be superhuman sometimes.