This month is the one year anniversary of Sigma Technology’s San Jose Technical Writing-focused office, of which I’ve been a part of for nine of the months. Being involved on the “ground floor” of something new is what I find very exciting. If all goes well, the opportunities are endless! The Sigma leadership is very passionate about our office, which motivates me even more to help make it a success.

Technology to me are innovative tools and products that help me make the most of my time, in the most productive way.

Being born in the 1960’s and raised in the 1970’s, I’ve experienced many technological changes: Wired phones to wireless phones to mobile phones; a typewriter to a computer; postal mail to electronic mail; paper maps to GPS systems; the internet. Those are just a few of the advances in technology I’ve experienced that have made my life more effecient and productive throughout the years.

I know one of Sigma’s goals is to continue to push this envelope forward by continually developing new innovative technology offerings. And that’s exciting too!