I want to share two memories with you.
One of my early memories of technology was from the late 90’s. My big brother had installed a number of games on our computer and showed me the basics of one of them. The game was a so called adventure game with the goal to save the world. By talking to in-game characters, my English vocabulary grew at the same pace as the time I spent outdoors shrunk.
The vocabulary came in handy in my first Sigma assignment in Istanbul. I remember laughing with Turkish colleagues, writing towards deadlines and exploring parts of the city. Traveling was challenging at times, but it was also one of the grandest adventures of my life.

The thing I like the most about Sigma Technology is that the company believes in you, even at times you doubt yourself.

If you have the trust of your company, you can take on any adventure. Technology is about exploring, communicating and understanding new things in order to save the world, or at least meet the deadlines.
Technology is adventure and Sigma Technology makes you a part of it.