My story with TechnologyAfter studying electrical engineering at Lund Institute of Technology, I suddenly found myself as a teacher, educating future librarians.
When they arrived, most of my students had a romantic idea of a life in silence among books. Then they met me…
The very first lecture in their two-year education was called ”Introduction to Computer Technology”.

In 2 x 45 minutes I covered basically the same scope as I learned during six years as an engineering student – from the basics of binary numbers to how parallel processing computers work.
I had the privilege of giving this lecture three years in a row and despite their terrified looks when I started, the ending was the same every time:

After the lecture some of the students came up to me and said: “Thank you! Finally we understand what you IT guys are talking about and how everything is connected.”

What I learned teaching those librarians more than 15 years ago is something that still guides me every day in my work at Sigma Technology: Any group of people can understand, appreciate and use any kind of technology. All it takes is some magic and that magic is you!