Sigma Technology Mid

Sigma Technology Mid is an engineering company with a focus on embedded systems and software development. We have strong expertise in software and embedded systems from various high-tech industries, from idea to finished product.

Our employees and partners are motivated and committed consultants in the areas of systems, software, electrical, and electronics design within R&D. We are contributing to our clients’ success in such areas as Autonomous Drive, Augmented Reality, Digitalization, and Electrification.
Sigma Technology Mid currently runs operations in Linköping, Jönköping, Göteborg and Borås.

Our ambition is to be in the cutting edge of technology and create more sustainability business in the area of digitalization, either through inventing and developing new technology solutions to our customers or offer our wide experience to introduce and implement existing technology in new markets and industries.

The best about being a consultant is the opportunity to develop and try something new. We are now developing our own digitalization & electrification lab at our office in the heart of Jönköping at the same time as we are supporting our clients with software design, embedded systems, electronic design, and test and verification. Are you interested to know more? Contact Hanna Wånehed.


Martin Karlsson

Unit Manager and Partner Network

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Mikael Karlsson


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Risto Kesti

Vice President

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