Training Services

Training is the acquisition of knowledge, competence, and expertise, and at Sigma Technology we have knowledge, competence, and expertise that we want to spread. We have many years of experience within R&D, which has enabled us to build up a large knowledge base that we want others to share.

Our training courses come predominantly from our experiences within product information and within the data communication and telecoms industries.

Technical Writing Training

Our technical writer training gives you the knowledge to create product information that is clear, concise, and accurate.

The purpose of the courses is to give an understanding of the purpose of product information, and what needs to be considered when creating product information. The courses cover everything from grammar and effective language, to information processing and information architecture, to usability and minimalism.

We combine theory with hands-on practice, based on real-life examples. Together, we look at particular cases and discuss ways to work for different solutions.

Whoever you are and whatever field you are in, we can create tailor-made courses adapted to your requirements and needs.

For more information, please contact Johan Thornadtsson.

DITA Writing in Agile Development

Our DITA Writing Course offers both breadth and depth of understanding about authoring in DITA. We teach our writers how to effectively develop high-quality technical documentation to support complex SW and HW products developed using Agile methodology. We provide an overview of DITA, and cover areas like DITA in Agile development, Minimalism, Storytelling, Thinking modular, CCMS, DITA Operations, and Creating Topics and Maps.

Here is a snapshot of our course curriculum:

Introduction to DITA  In this course we begin with the discussion of purpose, scope, and the lean and agile development cycles. We discuss the business strategy behind the documentation migration to the DITA environment, using real-world corporate initiatives as examples. Students learn the importance of reuse and the fundamentals of structured authoring.

The Core of DITA  Students learn the technical core of DITA by understanding these building blocks:

1. The Document Type Definition (DTD)

2. The Topic

3. The Map and Bookmap

Students learn how to begin projects, find out what information is needed to support content, and how to divide that information into concepts and reference information.

The Core of DITA II  This course helps students understand information model definitions, authoring guidelines, user analysis, and the principles of minimalism. Students are taught to use example questions to develop user personas and types of reuse strategies.

For more information, please contact Stephan Quist.

English Competence Training

Our Writing for Effective Communication course is aimed at people who work within the technology and engineering sectors and want to improve their written communication. The purpose of the course is to improve the quality and effectiveness of written communication, particularly for people involved, although not directly, in creating product information. This is because the quality of the input at all stages of production often affects the quality of the output.

For more information, please contact Johan Thornadtsson.

Domain Competence Training

Our Technical Data Training Course Offering is aimed at giving a greater breadth and depth of understanding of the telecom and data communication areas. We have worked with telecom and data communications for many years ourselves and carefully selected the colleagues for our team who have an expert background in these areas. All of this helped us to gather and organize our knowledge into the set of courses that cover all information that is important to know, and what is often expected to be known but usually never explained.

Our courses cover many topics: from the basics of GPRS and LTE/EPS networks and data communication models to policy and charging control in mobile networks. The courses are currently held in Sweden.

For more information about the program of the courses and cost, please contact us at

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