DITA Writing in Agile development

Our DITA Writing Course offers both breadth and depth of understanding about authoring in DITA. We teach our writers how to effectively develop high-quality technical documentation to support complex SW and HW products developed using Agile methodology. We provide an overview of DITA, and cover areas like DITA in Agile development, Minimalism, Storytelling, Thinking modular, CCMS, DITA Operations, and Creating Topics and Maps.

Here is a snapshot of our course curriculum:

Introduction to DITA — In this course we begin with the discussion of purpose, scope, and the lean and agile development cycles. We discuss the business strategy behind the documentation migration to the DITA environment, using real world corporate initiatives as examples. Students learn the importance of reuse and the fundamentals of structured authoring.

The Core of DITA — Students learn the technical core of DITA by understanding these building blocks:

1. The Document Type Definition (DTD)

2. The Topic

3. The Map and Bookmap

Students learn how to begin projects, find out what tasks/supporting information are needed to support content, and how to divide that information into concepts and reference information.

The Core of DITA II — This course helps students understand information model definitions, authoring guidelines, user analysis, and the principles of minimalism. Students are taught to use example questions to develop user personas and types of reuse strategies.

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