Malmo University Sigma Technology IoTaP

Sigma Technology and Malmö University Start a Licentiate Project in Data-Driven Systems

Sigma Technology Solutions and the IoTaP (Internet of Things and People) research center at Malmö University have started a research project in the area of data-driven systems and business intelligence. Gustav Erling will perform a three-year program combining research with consultant work assignments.

First Female IT Network in Växjö

The First Female IT Network Gets Started in Växjö

Information Technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays. Its growth stipulates the interest of students and businesses to IT. The majority of companies have also recognized that balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. However, the interest for technical education and IT is not equal between men and women. Therefore, female […]

DocFactory IoTH Framework Mentioned in Malmö University’s IOTAP Brochure 2016

IOTAP Brochure 2016 released by Malmö University gives a glimpse of the projects conducted in the IOTAP research center over the year. The goal of this center is to be the leading research environment in making the Internet of Things useful and usable. For achieving this goal, scientists from two main areas have united their […]

Entrepreneurship in Ukraine: Sigma Drives IT-Eureka! Ukraine Contest

For two years in a row the IT-Eureka! Ukraine contest has been held within the frameworks of the three-year TEMPUS program NEFESIE (National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship). In 2015 and 2016, over 600 innovative projects and 1,500 students participated in the competition. Now, when the program has come to its […]