Gran Prize Award

The Award that Celebrates Sustainable Innovations for a Better Future

The Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award in Hungary celebrates and rewards outstanding innovations that address the most pressing environmental and societal issues of our planet. This year, Sigma Technology sponsored the prizes for prominent scientists of nowadays and supported the organizers in its own field – by developing a micro-website for this year’s call for entries.

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Contributing to a Better Education in Southern Africa with the CESA project

From left to right: Samuel Bengmark (CESA), Hanna Carlsson (CESA), Rebecca Finne (CESA), Nataly Duyko (Sigma Technology), Christian Björkman (Sigma Technology), and Simon Sundström (CESA) This year, Sigma Technology has started cooperation with the Computer Education in Southern Africa (CESA) project. The purpose of the project is to provide a better education through donated computers […]

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Female IT Network Växjö

The First Female IT Network Kicked off in Växjö

On November 24th, Sigma Technology Växjö office transformed into a meeting place for around 60 women who gathered to set up a framework for the first female IT network in the region. The group is organized by the cooperation of the business and academy, which makes it an even more attractive platform for further development. […]

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Intelligent Company Hungary 2017

We are the Intelligent Company of the Year 2017 Again

Every year, Mensa HungarIQa, the Hungarian branch of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, organizes the Intelligent Company of the Year competition. According to the rules, the winner of the Intelligent Company of the Year award becomes the company with the highest number of employees with a “Mensa-score.” Mensa-score is […]

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First Female IT Network in Växjö

The First Female IT Network Gets Started in Växjö

Information Technology is one of the most developed areas nowadays. Its growth stipulates the interest of students and businesses to IT. The majority of companies have also recognized that balanced and diversified work environment brings the best productivity. However, the interest for technical education and IT is not equal between men and women. Therefore, female […]

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OpenHack Coding for Humanity Brings Bright Minds Together in Gothenburg

Last weekend, Sigma Technology enjoyed many enthusiastic and inspired people in our office. Those people gathered to take part in OpenHack, an Open Source hackathon organized on behalf of Engineers without Borders Sweden (EWB). The OpenHack participants had only 48 hours to create solutions to problems within humanitarian and development aid. This year’s event focused […]

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