Jimmy Dahlqvist became an Ambassador of AWS Partner Network

Jimmy Dahlqvist, Head of AWS Technologies at Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions was listed among 200 World’s APN Ambassadors. This recognition involves an exceptional level of authority within a vibrant cloud community and shapes a landscape for testing the boldest ideas to innovate in the cloud.

Sigma Technology listed among Sweden’s Best Managed Companies once again

Sigma Technology is recognized as one of Sweden’s Best Managed Companies 2021, 2020, and 2019 by Deloitte in cooperation with Nasdaq. The recognition was officially presented in Stockholm on September 23.

Sigma is the Most Attractive Employer in IT Consulting Industry in Sweden

Every year, Universum asks Swedish students to vote for the most attractive Swedish employers and gathers their feedback in the Company Barometer survey. In 2021, over 21,000 students shared their votes and Sigma is ranked as the top industry employer in IT Consulting among BSc in Engineering.

Sigma Technology Group rankas som Sveriges mest rekommenderade arbetsgivare av Universum

​Varje år rankar Universum svenska arbetsgivare som lyckas bäst med intern identitet, lojalitet och nöjdhet. I år har Universum utsett bolag vars medarbetare är mest benägna att rekommendera sin arbetsplats till sina kontakter och vänner. Sigma Technology Group vann första plats som Sveriges Mest Rekommenderade Arbetsgivare och kammade även hem tredje plats ibland Sveriges Bästa Arbetsgivare.

Most Recommended Employer Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group is the Most Recommended Employer in Sweden according to Universum

Every year, Universum ranks Swedish employers that succeed best in internal identity, employee loyalty, and employee satisfaction. This year, Universum has nominated companies, whose employees are most likely to recommend their workplace to their contacts and friends. Sigma Technology Group won first place as Sweden's Most Recommended Employer and came third among Sweden's Best Employers.

György Nagy Bisnode

Sigma Technology wins Bisnode Platinum Rating

​Sigma Technology Hungary has recently received the Bisnode Platinum Excellence certificate. It takes at least seven years of dedication and quality-driven operation for a company to be awarded, so it is no surprise that fewer than 0.5% of Hungarian companies are worthy of such prestigious recognition.