Sigma Technology launches a new company with a focus on digital accessibility and inclusiveness

Sigma Technology starts a new company, Sigma Technology Digital Solutions to provide technology consulting services and develop assistive digital solutions for evolving an inclusive digital world. The new company will operate in the Gothenburg region and be headed by Anna Lantz and Lotta Berlin.


Festina Group is a global company producing high-quality watches for almost 40 years. We got the chance to talk to Mattias Wideheim, CEO at Festina Sweden, and ask him how the watch industry is transforming under digitalization and connectivity trends. Sigma Technology supports Festina Sweden with onsite consultants for mobile and back-end development.

Henrik Isaksson Matkomfort

Digitalizing High-Class Food Delivery for Matkomfort

​“Everyone should be able to eat high-quality meals at home without having to spend hours in the kitchen,” was Henrik Isaksson’s motivation to start Matkomfort back in 2005. He was one of the first chefs to talk about a zero-waste concept and hassle-free home food delivery. Our cooperation started in 2010 when we got a chance to help Matkomfort to digitalize the way they drive their business.

Data Protection Regulation

Sigma Helps Companies Prepare for New Personal Data Protection Regulation

After a two-year transition period, the new regulation to govern data protection comes into effect. It will harden and unify data protection for natural persons at the territory of the European Union and will also apply to organizations based outside the EU in case they deal with personal data of EU residents. The sanctions for […]

New Cooperation with Knorr-Bremse

Our assignment was to develop a set of applications for Autonomous Yard Maneuvering solution showcasing the next generation of Knorr-Bremse’s automation and control systems and components for commercial vehicles. The work started in May 2016 with an onsite visit of the Sigma team having the goal to set up an efficient development process, clear up […]

Sigma Vinner Mjukvaruupphandling

  ”Vi har som målbild att arbeta effektivt, hitta nya lösningar och idéer tillsammans med våra kunder. Det kommer att vara mycket arbete under de närmaste åren”, säger Johan Edlund, VD Sigma Technology Information AB. Johan Edlund fortsätter: ”2016 har redan varit ett fantastiskt år med rejäl tillväxt och många nya medarbetare. Vi har vunnit […]