The First Female IT Network Kicked off in Växjö

Female IT Network Växjö “Inspire young generations, create a platform for knowledge sharing, build role models, network, and develop amazing things together.” Those were some of the expectations that the visitors of the first female IT network in Växjö shared at the kickoff meeting last week.

On November 24th, Sigma Technology Växjö office transformed into a meeting place for around 60 women who gathered to set up a framework for the first female IT network in the region. The group is organized by the cooperation of the business and academy, which makes it an even more attractive platform for further development. Natasha Asimiadis, Information Engineer at Sigma Technology Solutions, and Diana Unander Nordle, Research and Project Coordinator at the Department of Computer Science at Linnaeus University, are the drivers of the network.

The ideas discussed at the kickoff meeting are numerous and range from organizing regular inspirational events to creating separate mentorship programs for young girls to build more awareness about attractiveness and diversity of IT.

Sveriges Radio P4 Kronoberg, a Swedish radio channel, interviewed Natasha Asimiadis about the network. You can listen to the recording of the interview at

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Natasha Asimiadis, Sigma Technology,

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