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We are a diverse mix of people from around the world that is committed to developing and delivering the very best customer service. We come to work so that we can go home at the end of the day knowing that we have made a difference!

We have a mission to provide fast, effective customer-centered support that mold to the needs and exceed the end users’ expectations. Our vision to stand by the side of the clients and to be seen as their partner, sharing the same values and commitment to delivering excellence in quality and service.

Today we are expanding in the automotive area as well as developing into new industries such as marine, telecommunication, and IT.
Things around here are getting busy, and we want to open the door so more people can join the fun.

We work with requests for help and support from all over the world (and we do mean all over the world). Our main aim is to provide a solution and get things working again, but Ok, we don’t win them all so when we are not able to solve the problems we have a number of back-office teams to help us. In the end, we always find the solution. Giving up is not an option!
To make sure we provide the very best service we measure our quality, service, and delivery so that we see where we can do better, and then we do it!

Basic qualifications

It all starts with attitude. Do you care and want to be the best? Do you like solving problems and finding solutions? This is what we believe makes someone that will get on really well with our team.

We are looking for people with a mechanical/technical background, preferably with automotive experience. If you have worked in a support function before that would be amazing but this is also the chance to try it out if you have not done anything like this before.

If you have just left university and plan to go into product development this is the perfect opportunity to get real-world experience. You will get to know how customers use products and the types of issues they can have.

Additional skills

We embrace different backgrounds, different qualifications, and different ways to look at problems. We expect you to have the drive to be the best, to deliver the best, and to be fluent both written and verbally, in English (the boss is useless in Swedish).

We are spread over a number of sites, however, we are a team and that means that we all push to improve together and help our customers. We expect everyone to focus on the customer and come together to help each other when needed.

We Offer

A great place to work – We work hard, yes, but we also play hard. We want to have fun at work and we do. (Just take a look at the Sigma Technology YouTube channel)

The chance to do something meaningful – Everyday, people come to us needing help. We find a solution and get them moving again.

Being part of a global team – We interact with people all over the world every day.

A company focused on you – We believe that if you look after our customers then you deserve to be looked after as well. We like to make sure you feel wanted.

On top of this, you will be joining the 5th best employer in Sweden with the opportunity to grow and develop in many areas and directions.

What other job have you seen today that offers you all this?


Do you want to be a part of something that helps hundreds of people every single day? To know at the end of the day that you have made a difference? Of course, you do. Hit APPLY and get in touch!

We are offering both permanent positions and also 6-month contracts with the option to extend or make permanent depending on performance and need.

Contact Karl Evans for more details:


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