Women in Technology: Qi Wang

Qi Wang women in technology Qi Wang works as an Information Engineer at Sigma Technology in Shanghai. Qi believes that technology is the engine of social development and a while ago this motivated her to go from being a technical translator to becoming a technical writer. Qi shares her motivation to choose information development work and her career tips.

Qi, tell us about yourself

I currently work on an assignment at a global telecommunications client where I create technical documentation. As an on-site Technical Writer, a usual working day does not only contain developing product information but also contains different rounds of meetings with engineers, discussions with editors after product information reviews.

Why have you chosen IT? Did you have a role model or did you open up this area by yourself?

I think the cutting-edge technology is the engine of social development, and that is the main reason for me to involve in IT and IT-related industries. I opened up this area totally by myself, from being a technical translator to being a technical writer. I have gained technical knowledge in terms of software, hardware, and telecommunications, which is beneficial to my information development work.

What do you value the most in your work?

The things I value the most in my work is the communication environment – a place welcoming discussions, questions, and different opinions. Discussions help the team members to better understand the specific feature, to draw an efficient solution, and to keep everything on track.

Technical Writer is all about making choices, how to filter information, how to clarify the technical procedures and features, and all these aim to lead readers to understand documents easier and clearer.


Don’t be afraid to open up an industry that you don’t know quite well. Everything can be handled if you have a strong willingness to learn. Just learn as much as you can during your everyday work. Maybe you will hesitate to make career decisions from the very beginning, but believe me, things will get better after your first try.

About Women in Technology interviews

IT and Engineering are evolving at enormous speed, opening up an exciting new world of opportunities. However, still a small percentage of girls consider technical education and IT industry for their future. That is why we continuously participate in various initiatives aimed to inspire and encourage women and girls to choose technology and IT for their future career. Celebrating women in technology. #womenintechnology

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