Renata Chlumska will speak at Sigma Smart Women Society in Karlskrona

Renata Chlumska

Photo credit: Fredrik Blomqvist

Renata Chlumska is an adventurer, entrepreneur, and the first Swedish woman to climb the Seven Summits. We are more than excited to meet her, as Renata has agreed to be a speaker at the Sigma Smart Women Society meeting in Karlskrona on September 20.

Renata Chlumska’s sources of life energy are adventures. They can be different: riding a bike, climbing the top of the world’s highest mountain, or going to space. She sees a possibility in every challenge, enjoys the adventure towards the goal not less than the success, and believes that the tools and preparation steps for her journeys are not much different from the ones in the business world.

The success secret lies in meticulous preparations for the adventure, where you plan, finance, train, get the right equipment, and find the right group of people. Every adventure is not completed until you analyze it and learn from what you had to face. These principles are applicable to everyone. Though we can agree that Renata’s challenges are quite more adventurous.

Would you like to listen to Renata Chlumska? Register to the event before September 13 at

When: September 20, 18:00

Where: Sigma office, Michano Business Center, Östra Vittusgatan 36, Karlskrona

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