Green Sweet Lemon – Premium Service in Software Testing by Sigma Technology

The choice

Working in the IT consultancy segment with software development and software testing professionals, Sigma Technology Hungary has faced many challenges in the field of testing. Handwritten test cases are widely spread in the software industry. However, this method is not only inefficient but also error-prone; therefore, it is costly.

Testers suffer from the lack of proper specifications about the expected behavior of the System Under Test (SUT). Consequently, they have to create test cases without having a comprehensive understanding of the expected behavior of the software.

The solution

The source of these problems lies in the wrong distribution of roles. At Green Sweet Lemon (GSL), we inspire people to do what they are best at, while we let machines do the computing. Our team builds abstract functional models of any software, from the simplest modules to the most complex systems. These models describe the expected behavior of the system under test. Using a unique modeling technology makes GSL definitely the most appropriate tool in the hands of a qualified tester.

The service 

The workflow of our service consists of four phases. The first phase is the analysis of the expected behavior of the software, where our professionals acquire domain-specific knowledge in close cooperation with the customer’s team. After the analysis, we build an abstract model of the tested system using our own model builder tool. This tool enables us to simulate the behavior of the system and to generate test cases systematically. Test cases are generated automatically from the model and are able to represent different testing strategies. When the test cases are completed, we deliver the test suit to the customer to run it on the modeled system.

GSL takes backtesting to its well-deserved place in the software development workflow, as the key to maintainability, sustainability, and high quality.

The principles

We believe in the high added value and in smart work. In any field where Sigma professionals carry out assignments, we look for opportunities for improvement and strive to deliver the highest quality standards. As we understand the utmost value of qualified human resources, our engineers work on the highest abstraction level. Green Sweet Lemon conveys these values in the key field of creating quality products: testing.

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About us

Gábor Soós: Gábor is the Business Owner and mastermind of GSL. He is responsible for the GSL’s vision, development of the concept and the strategy in the project.

Bence Marosi: Bence is the Project Owner and Business Developer of GSL. He is a core team member and is responsible for the operation of tasks and customer relationships.

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