20th Anniversary of Sigma Technology Hungary

Our hearts burst with pride and we are so happy to share the wonderful news with you. Today we celebrate a round anniversary of Sigma Technology Hungary! 

Exactly 20 years ago, on 27th April our Budapest office started operating. Working under the Kudos brand then, a small but expert team worked mainly on technical documentation for telecom customers. Fast-forward two decades and Sigma Technology Hungary is a technical powerhouse with almost 200 professionals working having expertise in a range of areas from software development, QA up to technical writing, and graphic design. 

What made us successful? Many things, but there are still two factors that stand out:

  1. Our passion. We don’t just write, draw, design, or code: we help our customers turn their ideas into reality.
  2. Our second to none team, winning “Intelligent Company of the Year” in Hungary three times in a row.


“A successful acquisition needs to be a perfect match and this was just the case with Sigma Technology Hungary (Kudos back then). Back in 2007 we were expanding in the telecom sector and Kudos’ solid experience, customer portfolio, and professional team and management made it an obvious choice for us. During these years, we have successfully managed both favorable and also challenging market situations, expanded our competence areas by adding software services, and more than tripled the size of the team, becoming one of the leaders on the Hungarian market among tech consultancies in product information and software development. Sigma Technology Hungary is an essential part of the Sigma Technology Group. I am looking forward to the next 20 years together.” – says Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group.


Our warmest thanks to everyone who helped and shaped us on this wonderful journey as a colleague, customer, partner, or supplier. Here’s to another successful 20 years!