Creativity and Technology – Interview with István Tóth and Csaba Pasku, technical illustrators


István Tóth and Csaba Pasku work as technical illustrators at Sigma Technology. Over the years they have accomplished hundreds of illustrations for clients in the automotive and telecommunication sectors, and created lots of creative graphics, web designs and interior decorations for the company. One of their recent internal projects was the creation of a stand-alone website, aimed to present the company’s competence in a clear and engaging way.

István, could you please tell us about the idea behind

Absolutely. The area we are working with, information logistics, is sometimes misunderstood by clients and end-users. Thus, we came up with the idea of creating a separate page, where we would show our job and what we do – communicate difficult ideas in a simple and understandable way. It took us several months, and seven people to create the website from scratch to production, and the result lived up to our expectations.

We have not only published it publicly but presented it to our clients, too. Most of them really liked us flashing our skills other than technical writing and illustration. It resulted in some exciting new projects to work on later.


What is your average day like?

The day starts with a very strong coffee & visual planning (stand-up meeting). We learn about each other’s tasks and “mood”. After that we proceed to work on our telecom and automotive projects.

The job of technical illustrator has its specifics. We have both big and very small projects, and often have several tasks to work on in parallel. Our daily routine includes creation of technical illustrations for manuals, spare part catalogs, workshop manuals, guidelines.

We sit close, but not tight, to each other so daily communication is quite smooth. Sometimes it turns into sharing funny moments from our lives. You cannot be bored in our room.

Csaba, tell us about your background.

Technology has always played a crucial part in my life.

My family has a constantly developing modern workshop, where I learned from a very early age and later, after my studies, worked as a full-time employee to improve my skills.

The mechanical background was given, so I went to a technical school. After these years I attended a DTP course, which gave me more creativity and further developed my knowledge.

My experience at our company and my technical studies help me day by day to meet the requirements of my job. Although technical illustrations are not as complicated as technical blueprints, they require much more creative thinking.


I got interested in graphics & web design while I was studying at university. At that time I was freelancing and started with HTML and websites design. Overtime I found the position of technical illustrator at Kudos (former name of Sigma Technology). It sounded as something new and very interesting for me, and it still does over more than 9 years now.

I still practice graphic design in my spare time, helping with office and company materials and developing my portfolio on Dribble and Behance.

Roll-ups for the office

Design mockup

Can you tell us about your interesting experience on a project?

This is a good question, each project gives us interesting and useful experience, but we think we will tell you about the one where we won the tender of a famous multinational communications and information technology company. We needed to visualize several topics for a virtual marketplace.

We put our creativity and technical illustration skills to work, and within a short time frame created several ideas of fresh, simple and totally user-friendly design of this virtual market, aiming at making it easy and understandable for a wide range of users. Our ideas were all new, thus we didn’t know how the customer would react.

But then… we were the winners. It was a start of a very interesting project.

What do you value in your work with Sigma?

We are given free hand in our daily job. You can work independently, communicate and develop client relationships on your own. Working with various clients and projects gives you deep understanding of technical illustration as a profession. Beyond that, it provides insight into the mysteries of different technical processes and functions. Things that end-users rarely have the chance to experience.

What is Technology for you?

Technology is a constantly evolving science. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills in a learning-centered environment and culture. Nonetheless technology can take us further day by day. It improves our present and future.

We thank István and Csaba for a great interview, and are looking forward to seeing their new projects.
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