Embla - Female Embedded Programming Network

Why Embla?

Embla stands for Embedded Ladies Association. Embla is also the first woman created by gods, according to Nordic mythology. Our vision is to inspire more women to pursue a career in embedded programming and create a safe place for knowledge sharing and networking.

What is Embla about?

As a member of Embla, you can attend workshops and inspirational events dedicated to embedded software and technology. During workshops, you will get to work in groups and build different embedded products with the help of different tools (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.). We will talk about CAD, smart homes, robotics, VR, electronics in daily life, and many more.

Who can join?

The female embedded programming network Embla is open to everyone who is interested in embedded programming or embedded software. The membership is free.

Have questions?

Please, contact us at embla@sigmatechnology.se.