Year-end Report January – December 2006

Sigma growing in a favorable market

  • Sales increased 14% to SEK 1,223 M (1,076) for the full-year.
  • Operating profit rose 13.2% to SEK 97.3 M (86.0). The operating margin was 8.0% (8.0).
  • Sales during the fourth quarter increased 17% to SEK 344 M (295) and operating profit rose 30% to SEK 32.7 M (25.2).
  • Profit after financial items totaled SEK 93.3 M (83.8), with profit after tax amounting to SEK 60.7 M (56.6). Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.71 (0.67).
  • Sigma/Technology will be world leader in important segment with solid profitability.
  • Approximately 1,250 employees at the beginning of 2007, compared with less than 900 at previous year end.
  • Significantly higher sales and earnings are anticipated in 2007.

For further information, contact:

Sune Nilsson , Chief Executive Officer, Sigma AB (publ),

Tel. +46-31-335 67 15; Mobile: +46-703-79 15 28;


or Lars Sundqvist , Chief Financial Officer, Sigma AB (publ),

Tel. +46-31-335 67 16; Mobile: +46-703-79 22 02;



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